Lease Negotiation

Accurately negotiating a gas lease takes time. The process is not a one-kind-fits-all. There are various components to each piece of land making each lease unique. We are here to find those variances for you.

Title Research

Land history is vital in the oil and gas industry. Technology today allows us to research all aspects of the land including past owner, estates, divorces, open mortgages, liens and even tax information, just to name a few. These topics play an integral role for us to negotiate a fair lease.

Are you getting the most out of your land?

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Mineral Purchasing

When purchasing mineral rights you could also be purchasing valuable rocks, gas or oil found below the ground on property. Buying these rights gives you permanent ownership. We help navigate you through the states mining and drilling laws to assure a proper purchase.

Land Consulting

We like to get to know our clients, the properties, and owners involved to evaluate what is needed before offers are submitted. This includes, but not limited to, land surveys and deed alignment. Delving into all parties engaged helps us to solve those complicated problems that can arise.

Surface & Right of Way

Right-of-way is the right for anyone to pass through a portion of your land that many be considered public. Surface rights indicate ownership to only the surface of a property, nothing below or above. Naturally, understanding the restrictions that come along with right-of-way versus surface can cause confusion. We are here to help sort through the distractions for you.

Tax Reduction & Investments

There are many considerable tax assets available to oil and gas investors. Deductions can come from drilling costs and lease costs, which can provide a decent profit from even the most smallest property. Why not benefit from these offers?